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Reconnect with your Wilde Self, by exploring our ‘better for you’ range of beverages. From our Gluten Free beers and ginger beer, to our new to market and innovative non-alcoholic Sparking Hop Water and Isotonic Brew. Perfect for the active and health conscious who like to explore and enjoy eating and drinking with friends, while also keeping an eye out for ways to be ‘better’.

Historically Wilde began with our amazing Gluten Free Beers – Lager and Pale Ale. Today we are expanding our footprint under the Wilde brand to bring to market more tasty “better for you brews” using the natural ingredients.

This means – not every product we create will be Gluten Free like the original beers. Pleasingly our new Ginger Beer – the Ginger Dingo is GF, and much lower in sugar than most you will find on the market.

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