Go Wilde, Be Free




How many carbs and calories in each Wilde Beverage?

Just 8 carbs and 112 calories per serving of Wilde Pale Ale 🙂

How Many Standard Drinks in each Wilde Beverage?

Just the one (1.0 std drinks) in our Pale Ale.

How do you ensure Wilde is gluten free?

We have lots of check points to make sure our products remain 100% gluten free.

Our brewing and manufacturing process is all endorsed by Coeliac Australia – these guys keep a keen eye on us and audit regularly with a focus on all steps in production where any possible contamination could occur. All Gluten free ingredients and finished goods are stored separately to ensure no cross contamination.

Regarding the ingredients, Our beer is made with 100% pure white sorghum grain that is Gluten free and non-GMO (genetically modified organisms), and just to be double sure, we test all products (both ourselves and through regular independent lab analysis) to ensure there are no traces of wheat or Gluten before they leave our brewery.

Does Wilde contain any additives?

All Wilde products contain no preservatives, artificial sweeteners or other additives.

Additionally, the water used in our brewing process is purified by reverse osmosis and then filtered through a Granular Activated Carbon Filter to give us the purest water known to man (and keep any nasty’s out of our beer).

Is Wilde vegan ?

You bet it is – all Wilde products are 100% vegan and absolutely no animal derived products are added or used during the process. We use what’s called a mechanical centrifuge to filter our products, meaning no filtering agents containing any animals products are used.

Can I please see Wilde’s nutritional panel?

Check out our product pages for all nutritional panel info.

Where can I buy Wilde?

Check out our stockists page (Stockists) to find out your nearest Wilde retailer.

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